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Micro Weddings on the Rise

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Micro weddings have been on the scene for a while now, but we personally don’t think they are going anywhere anytime soon and here’s why:

Wallace Ranch Wedding Venue Reception


Everything is on the rise cost wise, but your wedding doesn’t have to be! You can still get the gorgeous detailed shots and have your photographer snap a few getting ready or first look pictures before the ceremony. You can also still have the glamorous ceremony set up, cherished bridal party and family photos, and have a beautiful cocktail hour space set up; WITHOUT having to pay a fortune! Most micro weddings involve a grazing table or appetizer station instead of a sit down meal, which also helps to reduce the costs greatly. Thus, providing you with the opportunity to put all of the extra cash you would have spent on your big wedding, into other investments, such as buying a home/vehicle, paying off debts, savings account, splurging on a grand honeymoon, ect.


While it doesn’t look like Covid is going away in the near future, you can breathe easier knowing you are doing a smaller gathering with less chance of cancellation or rescheduling if the local restrictions begin to tighten up again. It’s also a plus if your venue provides an outdoor space for your micro wedding, which can also help put any concerned guests at ease. By not having a full sit down meal, and sticking with a cocktail hour type of set up, guests don’t have to worry about who they will be sitting next to and can choose to socialize wherever they are most comfortable.

Less time planning

If you just want to show up and have everything ready to go for you, then you will love a micro wedding! Most micro weddings tend to be all inclusive of everything you need, a pre-set simple timeline, decor, and set up and clean up! You won’t have to spend hours planning out all of the details or spend a chaotic morning making sure you have all of your personal decor and tons of items packed in the car. Instead you can enjoy the morning of getting ready and envisioning marrying the love of your life! You literally just need to show up, ready to walk down that aisle, while everything else is taken care of for you.

Cuts to the chase

Couples get to spend more time with those you love rather than trying to touch base with everyone (including some plus 1’s you may not even know) during a larger wedding reception. Most micro weddings come with a very simple pre-set timeline, so you have far less worry about sticking to a rigid timeline and constantly having to move on to the next scheduled event of the evening. If you aren’t a big fan of the traditional bouquet/garter toss or send offs, and if you or your guests aren’t big on tearing up the dance floor, then a micro wedding is perfect for you! Because you have a shortened cocktail/reception time, most micro weddings do not include a DJ, so you don’t have to stress about adding in all of the extra hoopla that you tend to see at the larger weddings. You can still do your cake cutting photos, and even do your first dances, and have background music playing throughout the event from a playlist you created; But you don’t have to worry about providing 4 or 5 hours of entertainment for your guests. (PRO TIP: Have a designated person in charge of operating your playlist for your ceremony music and first


Instead, you get to spend your special day with those closest to you, and also provide your guests with a more intimate experience, and allows everyone to enjoy spending more quality time together, making lasting memories, being able to truly live in the moment without all of the added stress of a larger wedding. It allows everyone to really be able to focus on the TRUE reason of the day, and celebrate the amazing love that you and your significant other share! Less stress, more love is how we like to look at it, and we personally think that is a win win! Click here to go to our contact page and book a tour!

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