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Top 3 Wedding Cake Toppers

Let's chat about cake toppers! If you're opting to have a wedding cake, chances are you have at least thought about what you'd like to adorn at the top of your beautiful wedding cake with. Today, we will discuss 3 of our favorite ideas we've seen here at the Wallace Ranch!

Personalized wooden names or phrases

Whether your excited to dawn your new last name with pride, or if you have a cool/funny inside phrase that has special meaning to you, opting to go with a personalized wooden or metal cake topper is a great idea! Tip: You can easily find customizable cake toppers on Etsy! But, be forewarned, you may be overwhelmed by the infinite options to choose from!

Fresh florals and/or fresh greenery

This may be one of our favorites! What a beautiful way to give your wedding cake a touch of elegance and to be able to add in a sense of softness and natural elements! You can ask your florist for additional fresh florals or greenery to accent your cake! Depending on the amount of florals or greenery requested, some florists may charge a small added amount.

Dried palms or other dried elements

If you are going with a boho or dried floral design theme, then this may be a perfect option for you! Try going for dried elements such as mini dried palm leaves, or other dried florals. Similar cake toppers can also be purchased on Etsy or other online sites. If you are working with a cake vendor, some may even offer to create one for you! (Even better!)

Wedding Cake with Dried Florals topper at Wallace Ranch

No matter what direction you decide to go, if you are working with a cake vendor, we highly recommend discussing your choice of cake topper with them, so they can stay informed of all details relating to your cake. Always remember, it's YOUR special day, so always go with what your heart desires most! If you have any questions or want

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Tour three Cake topper Ideas

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