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To Tent or Not to Tent?

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Are you getting married in an outdoor reception space? Are there any other alternate back ups plans for rainy days available should the weather decide not to cooperate on your special day? If not, you may be wondering if it’s worth it or not to splurge on a tent rental. We think this is an absolute YES! and here’s why:

First dance under tent at Wallace Ranch

Reason #1- It’s FLORIDA… and it can rain on almost any given day.. ‘Nuff said.

Reason #2- Even if it doesn’t rain, it helps to have a shaded area for your guests if you are using a white top tent. While you wouldn't have much shade from a clear top tent, it would still help provide you with wind and rain shelter.

Reason #3- If it rains, it can also double as a backup ceremony location, as well as a reception location.

Reason #4- If you are trying to save money, the white top tents are typically cheaper. But, they can still be just as beautiful if done correctly. Try adding on white fabric tent leg drapes, market lighting, and maybe even ask a florist to hang some fresh greenery vines inside the tent to jazz it up!

Reason #5- If you opt to spend a little more and go for the clear top tent… DO IT! You will not regret it! While they may cost more, the clear top tents are STUNNING at night when they are lit up with market lighting, and provide such a glamorous look in your photos!

Reason #6- Peace of mind! Once you book a tent, you can stop worrying about the weather, and breathe easier knowing your event is set to go, rain or shine!

Fist dance under clear top tent

For events at the Farmhouse, we recommend considering booking a tent for your outdoor events, greater than 25 people, as the interior Farmhouse CANNOT comfortably hold more than 25 people should a backup plan be needed. We partner with Shore Tents and Events and highly recommend them! They also offer reduced rates for Wallace Ranch clients! If you decide to book a tent for your event, we can provide you with their contact information and help you obtain a quote. Feel free to contact us with any tent questions you may have.

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