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The Down-low on Boho

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Let’s talk Boho! This style has been on trend for quite a while now, and it appears it’s here to stay for the long haul in the wedding industry… and we’re here for it!!

Wallace Ranch Wedding Venue

Oftentimes the first thing that pops into most people’s minds is Fall weddings. Pampas grass and dried florals in amber vases, mixed with rich shades like terracotta, black, or mustard yellow, (and maybe even a little macrame or rattan), are always a sure-fire hit for the Fall!

However, the Boho style isn’t just limited to one season. The amazing thing about it, is that you can customize your Boho style to be used year-round!

For instance, you could add in lighter accent shades of pinks or yellows, mixed with some pampas grass or dried palms, and you have yourself a lighter Spring type vibe. Try using a lighter-colored table runner and napkins such as a pale pink or bringing in the shade elsewhere, such as colored tealight holders, colored taper candles, or your dishware! Or better yet- try mixing these items with gorgeous spring florals to add a more “upscale” look to your setup! And here is another idea! Try mixing in just greenery for a natural vibe!

Want to go for a super neutral look? Try going with all beige or cream-colored pampas grass, or add in a few dried palms or cream-colored dried ferns, with a mixture of clear or white vases, and ivory or beige macrame table runners and napkins! This clean but classic look is sure to steal the show!

Want to stay in the same neutral element but add in a few touches of moodiness? Try using the “neutral look” mentioned above and this time, add in black table runner and napkins, or pops of black dried ferns to your vases, or black taper candles or dishware!

Are you a big fan of jewel tones? Try using deep jewel table runners and napkins such as emerald green, navy blue, or burgundy! These shades will POP against beige pampas grass and dried florals, and will be sure to catch everyone’s attention!

If you ask us, Boho style is a Win-Win all the way across the board! And if you book one of our packages that include our in-house decor, we got you covered in the Boho category, no matter what time of year your event is!

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