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Selecting a Wedding Date

Picture this, you've just gotten engaged, you're celebrating with your family and friends, and now you're being hammered with the question "when's the big day?!" repeatedly…

Selecting your Wedding Date for Venue

Now, some couples may have a very specific date in mind that is very special to them, that they are wanting to try to book. That's ok. However, it's important to keep in mind it may be a very difficult task to find your dream venue and have your favorite vendors available for your specific date (Not always, but more often than not.)

If you don't have a specific date in mind- let's take a closer look at the benefits of being open with your wedding date.

Venue and Budget

By being flexible on your date, you are opening up a realm of more venues to choose from. By that- we mean everything from pricing to the time of year. Many venues book very early on for the more popular seasons such as Spring and Fall and are oftentimes considered "peak season" and have a higher price tag and far less availability unless you book well in advance. If you're looking for a discounted pricing rate, you may consider looking into having a Summer or Winter wedding. Another factor to consider is the day of the week you'd like to get married on. A lot of venues offer discounted weekday pricing to try to fill up vacant spots. This could be an excellent opportunity for you to still have your popular Fall or Spring wedding by selecting an available weekday. Another added perk of going with an off-season or weekday wedding is it may allow you to allocate more of your wedding budget towards your florals, food, or decor instead!


As we mentioned above, your wedding pricing may be affected price-wise depending on the time of year you are looking to get married. But it's also important to decide what your ideal weather/time of year would be for your wedding day. Do you guys love the Spring when everything is blooming and the humidity is still low and the flying bugs are still nestled away? Or do you prefer the Summer when it's warmer? Or maybe the Fall or Winter when the temperatures begin to drop?


Wedding venues aren't the only ones that book up quickly during peak season. Generally, ALL wedding vendors will have less availability during the more popular times of the year. If there are any specific vendors that you have had your eye on using, you may want to consider reaching out to them to inquire about their availability, while you are looking for venues. (If not before) This will also help you navigate towards selecting an official wedding date.

Wedding date selection

Overall, by being flexible with your wedding date, it may just save you a little bit on the price tag, as well as allow you to book that dream wedding venue that you absolutely fell in love with while touring, and also snag those VIP vendors you've been stalking on social media, that you just have to have!

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Advice on selecting wedding date

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