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Tips for Cutting Down your Wedding Invite List

Let's talk about the dreaded task of cutting back on your wedding invite list.

It's highly likely that there are some couples out there, who are in the process of making their guest list right now, who need to hear this…. It's OK to invite fewer guests to your wedding and NOT feel guilty about it!

Tips for cutting down wedding invite list

Let's say you have a vision for your dream wedding at a specific venue that you have had your eye on for a while now. But maybe the problem is they can only hold 100 people, but after you invite all your co-workers, your extended friends, and your family, your anticipated guest count is well over 175. Oh boy... Panic starts to set in and it puts a damper on those plans you had of getting married at that special venue. Maybe you start to look for alternate venues that will hold more guests but now you've run into a budget crisis because you've realized that a higher guest count drives the overall wedding up between food, venue space, decorations, etc. TIME OUT! Take a brief pause, and let's take a closer look at your initial invite list before throwing in the towel on your dream wedding venue!

First things first, be intentional with your guest count! Do you really need to invite your Grandparent's former BINGO partners that you only met twice? Or your co-worker that you say good morning to in the office break room, but that's typically the extent of conversation? How about your twice-removed cousin that you haven't spoken to in 5 years? NO! Start with the most important family members and your absolute closest friends first. This should be your quintessential group of people that if they weren't there, your wedding day just would not be the same! When venue space is limited, it's important to be selective and prioritize your invite list!

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Next, let's look at some possible scenarios. Say an old friend of yours invited you to their wedding 3 years ago, but the closeness of the friendship has fizzled out over the years, and maybe you haven't actually kept up with them since. Or maybe you have relatives (cousins, aunts, uncles, etc) that have just never really been a part of your life, or you don't have contact with them in well over two or three years. Or maybe you have friends or relatives that you might still keep in contact with, but they are world-renowned for causing drama at large gatherings, and you are concerned they will find a way to derail your wedding day. Guess what? You DON'T have to feel guilty for not inviting them to your wedding, especially if they don't play a significant role in your current life. Have a serious conversation with your partner and really ask yourselves "if this person isn't invited, would I genuinely be upset that they weren't there?"

Consider having a kid-free wedding. While this one may be tough for some couples, it really can help cut back on your overall guest count. Most venues typically go by the general rule of thumb that "if they take up a seat, they count as a guest." If you are limited on seating, you may want to consider politely asking your guests in your invite to find a babysitter for the evening, in order to reserve seating for other guests to attend.

If nothing else- remember this phrase when you are creating your invite list; Quality over Quantity. For every person that attends your wedding, you are paying for them to be there with you. Most of us don't get a redo of our wedding day, so make your time and your money count.

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Tips for cutting back Wedding guest list

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