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The Trending Evolution of Wedding Favors

Let's chat about wedding favors.Traditionally, couples would provide wedding favors as a cute little "thank you" or keepsake for their guests, as a token of appreciation for attending the wedding. These favors have ranged from Hershey Kisses with a customized sticker, or customized cookies, beer koozies, shot glasses, soaps, bubbles, you name it- it's probably been done. One issue we've noticed is at the end of the evening when the guests head home, more often than not, half of the favors end up getting left on the tables. Research shows that the average amount couples spend on favors is about $2-3 per guest. If you have a large guest count, that can really add up quickly! But with trending changes, we've noticed less of the traditional favors, and more of the modernized approach. Below are a couple of ideas we love!

Photo booths

We've seen a large amount of couples opt to bring in a photo booth rental to not only provide their guests with a fun experience, but the little photo strips double as a favor! Plus a lot of photo booths will give the couple a 2nd copy of all photos taken, to hang on to as a keepsake! Double win! Between traditional enclosed photo booths, to open air, to retro VW buses- there's so many to pick from to fit your style!

Wedding photo booth at Wallace Ranch Venue


Another super cute (and eco-friendly) idea is couples giving guests mini trees or succulents to take home and plant. What a great idea! If you are going for an earthy wedding, why not include doing something good for the planet and local community?

Succulent Wedding Favor


This may be one of our favorite ideas. Instead of couples spending money on trinkets for guests to (maybe) take home- couples have taken what funds they would have spent on favors, and donated that money to their favorite charity! Not only do you feel good about doing this, but your guests will LOVE this thoughtful idea as well. Plus, it gives you a great topic to add to your thank you toasts to your guests during your reception.

Wedding table decor at Wallace Ranch

While the world of wedding favors is ever changing, just remember there's no rule book to abide by. At the end of the day, a favor is meant to be a token of appreciation for your guests making the trip to attend your special day. If you're opting to include some type of favor at your wedding, always go with what you think is best! Please feel free to reach out about any questions or ideas you may have for your big day!

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