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Top 4 Bridal Shoe Styles

Let's talk wedding shoes! Do you know if you are wanting to rock a pair of blinged out heels, or delicate flats? Or maybe possibly contemplating rocking a pair of Converse or Keds?

Over the years, we've seen our share of Bride's choosing several different styles of footwear, and may we add…. They all nailed it!

Traditional High Heel Wedding Shoes

The Traditional High Heel

Timeless, classic, and looks stunning in detail shots! However, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing high heels. A) Keep in mind the type of ground (concrete, grass, gravel) your ceremony space will take place on and the areas you will have to walk on getting to and from the ceremony. B) Also consider how long you'll be standing during your ceremony and for any bridal portraits taken immediately after the ceremony. Make sure they are comfortable to stand in for a couple hours, until you can change them into something more comfortable for the reception.

Wedding Shoes Flats


Yes, you can still wear flats on your wedding day and look absolutely beautiful and be proud to show them off! We've seen some of the most gorgeous rhinestone studded flats, and our Bride's will tell you they'd do it again in a heart beat! You get to be fashionable while still being COMFORTABLE! What a concept, right?! Another erk is that you don't have to worry about making a wardrobe change before the reception or having to keep track of a 2nd pair of shoes!

Converse or Sneakers for Wedding Shoes


OK… hear us out- if you are leaning towards going for more of an edgy and non traditional route- this one is for you! We've seen some pretty amazing and creative Converse make their way through the venue in the past, and we love it! Some brides have even gone the extra mile to order or make customized designs with added rhinestones or markers! We've seen them worn for both the ceremony and the reception, or the Bride's have opted to make a wardrobe change and swap their heels out for Converse prior to their reception so they could kill it on the dance floor and enjoy not having aching feet at the end of the night!

Boots for bride Wedding


What can we say, we love our boots around here and they are the perfect fit for our Ranch. The best part about boots, is you can dress them up and really make a statement on your big day! Much like the Converse/Keds, you can customize your boots to jazz them up or order a pair of blinged out rhinestone boots if your heart desires! While some boots may not be quite as comfortable as flats or Converse, especially if they aren't broken in, they still will rescue your feet from hours of elevated pain in heels. Tip- break in your boots before your wedding weekend to make the most out of them and be as comfortable as possible.

Classic High Heels for wedding

Depending on your dress length and style, chances are most people usually don't see what shoes you have on under your dress, so keep that in mind as well.

The bridal fashion industry is always changing with the latest trends, but it doesn't mean you have to be uncomfortable on your wedding day to still make a show stopping statement!

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Top 4 Bridal shoe Styles

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