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6 Wedding Cake Alternative Ideas

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Not into a wedding cake? Not everyone is and that's ok! Let's take a look at 6 alternative ideas!

Wedding Desert cake pops

1. A pie bar - maybe you don't like cake but love pie! Try creating a pie bar with various flavor options. You could do full-size pies, or even mini pies to skip having to cut the pie into slices! (Plus they are super cute!)

Wedding desert pie bar

2. A dessert bar- mix various desserts such as brownies, pudding shooters, fudge, petit fours, cupcakes, chocolate-covered fruit or pretzels, cannolis, etc.

3. A cookie or brownie bar- bring in trays of various types of cookies or brownies. You could even individually wrap and put cute thank you tags on them and have them double as favors!

Wedding cookie dessert bar

4. A candy bar- why not let your inner child out and go crazy "like a kid in a candy shop"! Try adding containers and mixed bowls filled with a variety of candy options for guests to select from. Be sure to also provide goody bags and mini scoops for your guests to self-serve.

Wedding venue dessert candy bar

5. A donut wall- Donut walls are easy to make and personalize if you like to DIY, or you can rent them. (They even have tabletop donut stands) Simply hang a selection of fresh donuts on the pegs and allow guests to choose as they please.

Donut wall at wedding venue

6. An Ice-cream bar! With the help of your catering company or hiring a special vendor who strictly provides ice cream, you can provide your guests with a one-of-a-kind, unexpected experience. Add on a "topping bar" to take it to the next level!

wedding venue ice cream bar dessert

Having a wedding doesn't mean you have to stick with the traditional wedding cake. Allow yourself to get creative to make your wedding fit your own individual style! Feel free to reach out to discuss your wedding dessert ideas and start planning your big day!

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Tampa Wedding venue dessert bar ideas

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