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6 Ways to repurpose your wedding florals!

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Let’s chat about repurposing your wedding florals!

Let’s face it - wedding florals, be it real or silk, are usually not that cheap! They can be costly, so you want to make sure you get the most out bang for your buck, right?! Well, here are some ideas to repurpose your florals to help make them dual purpose.

Wedding Ceremony Flowers at Wallace Ranch

1 - After your ceremony is completed, move any smaller ground florals or arch pieces over to your reception space. Try using some of the florals on the ground in front of your sweetheart table to give it an added touch of romance.

Wedding Sweetheart table with florals at Wallace Ranch

2 - Once your photos are finished, why not use your bridal bouquet as a centerpiece on your sweetheart table. You can still show off your bouquet and it also helps save on needing another centerpiece!

3 - If you have a portable arch, you can move it after the ceremony, behind your sweetheart table, or to another location in your reception space to be used as a backdrop for photo ops with your guests.

4 - If you used aisle florals at your ceremony site, try adding them to the end of your reception tables, (if you don’t have guests seated at the ends of your tables of course) to help fill the space with your gorgeous ceremony florals and help add an extra touch of softness to your photos.

Wedding venue tables with florals at Wallace Ranch

5 - If you have fresh florals- perhaps allow guests to take them home at the end of the night, or donate them to a local shelter or nursing home. What a great way to spread the cheer and help brighten up a stranger’s day!

6 - Another fresh floral idea is to preserve them! Why not preserve your bouquet and be able to cherish it forever?

There are a lot of ways to dual-purpose your wedding florals, whether silk or fresh and with a little bit of imagination, we can guarantee you'll be happy you did! If you book our in-house decor, we make sure this is discussed, so it’s one less thing to stress about remembering on your special day! Need we say more...Book a Tour!

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