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Tips for Planning your Wedding Day Music

Let's chat about your wedding music! There's lots of areas to cover musically when it comes to your wedding day, and it can be overwhelming to some. If you are hiring a DJ, most will have a template or spreadsheet they send to you to fill out that covers your wedding timeline and music selections, or set a phone call to go over everything with you. Some DJ's send this document out early on in the planning process and some send it out closer to the date. So while you wait to speak with your DJ, we have compiled the below list of information to help you be prepared when that time comes.

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First- Always keep in mind the length of hours you will have your DJ for your event, then you can plan around those hours.

Let's start with the ceremony (Your DJ will need to know):

  1. The walking order and names of family and bridal party members for the reception

  2. The song title and artist for song you would like to use while each family member or bridal party member walk down the aisle.

  3. Who is escorting the bride/groom down the aisle and the song title and artist for the song you would like to use.

  4. It's helpful to let the DJ know if your officiant will need the music turned down at any point to ask the audience to rise before the bride enters.

  5. Equipment- If your ceremony space and cocktail hour/reception spaces are far apart, it's always best to information your DJ so they can prepare ahead of time for moving any equipment or bringing extra equipment as needed. Also, it's good to ask if your officiant will need a microphone for the ceremony and if your officiant has one of their own, or will need to use one from your DJ. If so, you can let your DJ know.

  6. The exit order of bridal party members after the ceremony ends and the song title and artist for the exit song.

  7. Notify your DJ if you would like them to make an announcement after your ceremony ends directing your guests to cocktail hour.

Cocktail Hour

During your cocktail hour, it's helpful to let your DJ know what type/genre of music you would like played while your guests mingle and you and the bridal party take photos.


Once your cocktail hour ends, it's time for the reception. Here are some helpful tips your DJ will usually ask for:

  1. Do you want yourselves and bridal party to be introduced into the reception and if so, what is the name and role of each person, along with the order of who will be introduced. Also, if you have specific songs you would like played for each person or 1 song for all.

  2. If your DJ will need to announce any speeches during the reception or blessings before dinner, and if so the name of the person that will be speaking, and if they will need to use a microphone

  3. Your DJ will follow the remaining events of your reception according to your timeline, but they will need to know the following, if any apply:

  4. A list of first dances or special dances, to include the new of those dancing and their relationship, and song titles and artist for each song

  5. Song title and artist for your cake cutting, if applicable

  6. Song title and artist for your bouquet/garter toss, if applicable

  7. Song title and artist for your "last dance of the evening", if applicable

  8. Any special songs/dances you definitely want played during the reception, to include the artist and title

  9. Any songs you do NOT want played during the event, to include the artist and title

  10. The generalized genre of music you'd like played during your reception

While every DJ is unique and may have their own list of information needed from you pertaining to your event, hopefully this helped to provide a generalized idea of what your DJ will most likely be looking for when they speak with you.

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Tips for planning your Wedding day Music

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