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5 Creative Ways to Personalize your Wedding

Looking for unique ways to add a touch of personal touches to your special day? Look no further! We've compiled a list of fun and unique personalizations to be sure to capture your guests' hearts!

5 Creative ways to personalize your wedding


There's TONS of options when it comes to personalized signs! Acrylic, wooden, glass mirrors, you name it- someone has probably used it for a welcome sign or for a sign near the ceremony site asking guests to silent their phones! BUT, signs don't just stop there! Consider using personalized signature drink signs at the bar, or perhaps even a few quirky signs near the dancefloor! And let's not skip over one of our favorites…. Neon signs! You can incorporate personalized neon signs, sporting your new last name and provide an awesome photo op for your guests!

Table numbers

Your tables don't have to just be standard 1-20 numbers! Doing a travel themed wedding? Why not name each table a city or place you'd like to visit? Or maybe you're a teacher and want your student's art involved! Are there numbers that have a specific significance to you? Maybe "2" dates before you knew they were the one, or "3" years before they proposed. This is one area you can get really creative with!

Wedding Table number signs at Tampa Wedding Venue

Guest baskets in the restrooms

Are you planning a larger wedding and want to make sure your guests feel pampered? Why not make small baskets to place in the guest restrooms with simple items like individual, travel size Tylenol, hairspray, Tums, toothpicks, ect. If your guests end up with a pesky headache from one too many beers, or a case of the upset stomach hits them while on the dancefloor … this simple guest basket will come in super handy and your guests will LOVE you for thinking of them! You can even make a cute little sign to let your guests know you made the basket for them to use!

Wedding programs

Why not spend a little time introducing your guests to your VIP bridal party members, by making a wedding program! Chances are they've helped with your planning process in some form or another, so why not give them a shout out as well! These can be handed to guests as they take their seats, and it helps give guests a little entertainment while they wait for the ceremony to begin. Use this as a way to say a little blurb about each of your bridal party members, and then give a brief run down of the order of events for the evening. (Don't be afraid to add a little humor throughout- guests live for this stuff!) It's the small little details such as this, that add up to make a huge impact on your guests experience!


If you have a loved one that's passed, but still want to feel as if they are included and a part of your special day, why not reserve a special seat just for them? You can place a frame with a photo of them up front near the ceremony or even reserve a seat at the reception table for them as well.

Memorial Tribute at Wallace Ranch Barn

When it comes to adding in personal touches to your wedding, there's a variety of ideas to choose from. You can choose to go in the more traditional direction of personalized favors, or you can opt to really get your creative juices flowing and think outside the box! One thing is for sure, by adding in a few personalized touches, you can really elevate your event and allow your true personality to shine through! Come stop by the ranch for a tour and discuss how you can personalize your big day!

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Creative ways to Personalize wedding venue

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