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Wedding Coordinator

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Let's take a few minutes to touch on the importance of a wedding coordinator!

Wedding Coordinator with Flowers

A wedding coordinator is not the same as a wedding planner. (That's for another blog) While most wedding coordinators are not responsible for booking your vendors or handling any financial aspects, they do take on many other vital roles!


Most coordinators have a specific timeframe of when they will begin working with you. During this timeframe, they are available to help answer any questions about the wedding process you may have, and serve as a middle ground between you and your venue. They should also be aware of your venue's policies and regulations in order to ensure a smooth event.


A professional wedding coordinator will help you create a well put together day of timeline, provide that timeline information to all of your booked vendors and discuss with them on arrival and set up/break down times, and serve as a point of contact for your vendors.


If you are having a rehearsal walkthrough, in most cases, your coordinator should be in attendance. They will help take the lead with walking you and your bridal party through the walking order, how the ceremony will flow, along with the exit order after the ceremony ends. This will help prepare you and your bridal party members for your big day, and help ease any nerves. (Pro Tip- Be sure to check out our blog about rehearsal walkthroughs.)

Wedding Day

The day of the wedding your coordinator will be on site to greet your vendors upon arrival, show them where to set up, help answer any questions they may have, check-in on you and your bridal party in the event you need something from the venue, and keep track of the timeline. Prior to the ceremony, your coordinator will verify all vendors are ready to go, help you and your bridal party line up in position, and que the DJ when to begin the music and help get the bridal party down the aisle.

Throughout the rest of the evening your coordinator will be responsible for continuing to keep the event on schedule according to the timeline, and keep an open line of communication with your vendors, making sure they are always ready before the next event of the night.


Last, but certainly not least, coordinators oftentimes step in and resolve issues that may arise throughout your event, that you may never be aware of until after the fact, or ever!

The take home here is that coordinators are an absolute vital factor in making sure you have a well organized event, helps to alleviate stress, and most importantly- provides you with the confidence and ability to be present in the moment and fully enjoy your event!

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